What Is A Tennis Do-Over Called?

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What is a Tennis Do-Over Called?

Tennis has been around for centuries, but with the rising popularity of modern sports, many people are unaware of its intricate rules and regulations. One such rule is the concept of a “do-over” in tennis – where players have the option to replay a point or rally if they feel there was an unfair advantage taken by one player over another. But what exactly is this do-over called in the sport?

In official tennis matches, this kind of situation may occur when both players feel that something went wrong during their rally; perhaps someone hit an unexpected shot or one player felt disadvantaged due to external factors such as bad weather conditions. When either party feels that something was amiss, they can call for a ‘let’ from the umpire – which essentially serves as a reset button on that particular point and gives them another chance at it without any consequences.

What Does A Let Mean In Tennis?

A let in tennis simply means that no points were scored during that particular rally, and it will be replayed again from scratch. This could happen if: 1) The ball touches any part of the net before landing in bounds, 2) There is an interruption (such as fans shouting out midpoint), 3) Both players hit shots simultaneously, and 4) If either player feels like he/she has been unfairly disadvantaged due to external factors (like wind). It’s up to the discretion of each individual match referee whether or not to award a let if these situations occur, although it’s usually only done so after consultation between both parties involved in order to establish who should be awarded with it more fairly.

So What Is A Tennis Do Over Called?

The term used for this kind of scenario in professional tennis circles is ‘let.’ It’s important to note, however that lets can’t be requested by just one player; both parties must agree upon taking advantage of them before play resumes again from its original spot without any points being counted towards either side yet. So next time you’re watching your favorite pro match on TV, keep an eye out for those exciting resets!


The term used for when two players need or want to replay a point back from scratch during competitive matches is called “let.” This allows both sides equal opportunity regardless of outside circumstances while maintaining fairness amongst all participants involved – giving everyone another chance at winning their well earned points!