What Is A Rugby Try? Exploring The Basics Of This Exciting Sport

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Understanding the Rugby Try

As one of the most exciting rugby plays, fans worldwide enjoy watching a try take place. But what is a try exactly and how does it affect the game? In this blog post, we’ll explore what a rugby try is and why it’s important to understand as a fan and player.

A try occurs when an attacking team member legally grounds or touches down with the ball in hand on or beyond the opposition’s goal line. This scoring event earns that team five points and allows them to attempt at converting for two more points by kicking a successful penalty kick straight through goal posts from any spot on the field. It is also possible for teams to score seven points via drop-goals which are kicks taken while play is still going on – but these are much rarer than tries.

What Does A Try Look Like?

When a player scores a try in rugby, they must ground or touchdown with the ball in hand over their opponent’s goal line before being tackled or knocked out of bounds by opposing players. If the grounding is successful, five points are awarded to the player’s respective team who has control of possession at that moment. If the grounding is not done properly, no points can be scored during that playtime. The touchdown itself should look something like this: a player carrying or holding the ball on their own side of the field runs towards and crosses into enemy territory with the ball tucked securely under their arm or between their legs. Once they enter enemy territory, they must stay inside until making contact with the ground or touchdown area before being tackled by any other players present on the pitch. Only then can points be earned successfully.


Tries are an integral part of rugby football; understanding how they work can help you gain insight into different strategies used by coaches during games and get better enjoyment out of matches themselves! With knowledge comes power – make sure you have yours next time there’s action happening on the field!