What Is A Ringer In Golf? An Expert’s Guide To Mastering This Move

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Understanding Ringer in Golf

Golf is a popular sport that many people enjoy playing and watching. There are lots of different terms and slang associated with the game, including the term “ringer”. If you’ve ever wondered what a ringer is in golf, you came to the right place! Keep reading to find out what this phrase means and how it can affect your score.

What is a Ringer?

A ringer is when a player scores one stroke better than their handicap on any given hole. For example, if someone has an 18 handicap for an individual hole but ends up getting only 17 strokes on that same hole then they have achieved a “ringer” or “perfect round”. This term comes from horse racing where it was used to describe horses who consistently ran faster than expected or had won more races than usual—basically performing above expectations.

In golf, achieving a ringer means that the player has outperformed their personal best score by one stroke at least once during their round of golf. It is also important to note that there may be some variation depending on which type of course (par 3/4/5) they are playing; while most courses use par 4s as standard, there are some exceptions where par 5s might be possible too. To achieve a ringer on those holes would require two fewer strokes compared to anyone else’s score for them (including other players with lower handicaps).

Does Achieving A Ringer Affect Your Score?

Achieving a ringer does not necessarily mean you will end up winning your game–it just means that you have been able to beat your own personal best by one stroke at least once during the round of play! It does not count towards any extra points or help improve your overall score unless it helps bring down total strokes taken for all holes played combined (which could potentially make all difference between winning or losing). Instead, achieving ringers serves as motivation for players looking to work hard on improving their skillset and mastering each individual hole they come across more successfully over time – something which can bring great satisfaction even without scoring higher overall scores against opponents every now and then!


Rings are an exciting achievement in golfing circles – they signify progress made within each session since no two games will ever look exactly alike due to various factors such as weather conditions etcetera.. While ringers do not directly impact point tallies like wins do – they still hold immense value when reflecting upon performance across multiple rounds; motivating players further into working harder towards bettering themselves throughout future matches ahead!