What Is A Pick Six In College Football? Learn The Rules & Strategies To Win Big!

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What is a Pick Six in College Football?

If you are new to college football, you may be wondering what a pick six is. A pick six is an interception returned for a touchdown, and it can quickly turn the momentum of any game. It’s one of the most exciting plays in all of college football, as it often results in points being taken off the board and games completely switched around. In this article we will explain how pick sixes work, why they are so important, and some of their history.

How Does a Pick Six Work?

A pick six occurs when one team has possession of the ball via passing or running play but then has it intercepted by another team during that same play. The player who catches the ball must then take it across the goal line on their own two feet without dropping it or letting go before reaching that point — otherwise, no touchdown will result from this play. If successful though, not only does the intercepting team get points for themselves but also prevents their opponents from scoring those points instead since they have been taken away from them!

Why Are Pick Sixes So Important?

Pick sixes are an essential part of college football because they can change entire games within moments due to how quickly things can shift if successful with such plays. They also add excitement and unpredictability to each match-up while creating opportunities for teams to make comebacks even when they seem outmatched or down on luck against their opponents at times too! This makes them especially valuable tools for coaches who know just how much influence one big defensive stop like this could have over any given game as well as its overall outcome in general—so these types of plays should never be overlooked during any matchup between two teams competing against each other in collegiate sports leagues today!

History Of The Pick Six

The first recorded instance happened back in 1907 when Harvard was playing Yale; however, there were certainly earlier occurrences that simply weren’t documented yet due to lack technology at that time period. Nevertheless since then many more memorable instances have occurred throughout different seasons which highlight both individual players’ exceptional skillsets (or lack thereof) as well as whole teams’ strategies coming into fruition during clutch moments where everything rides on getting either offense stopped or defense completed perfectly – all resulting sometimes directly after spectacular picks like these too!

To conclude: a pick six is an interception returned for a touchdown which adds excitement and unpredictability while influencing matchups significantly if pulled off correctly by either side involved – having become quite famous over time due its historical significance (including some very memorable ones!) along with potential impacts upon outcomes right up until present day matches still now too!