The Ultimate Guide To The Lob In Basketball: How & When To Use It Effectively

ball under basketball ring


What is a Lob in Basketball?

When watching a basketball game, you may have noticed players passing the ball to teammates and heard announcers refer to it as a “lob.” But what exactly is a lob in basketball? Learning about this type of pass can help players become more effective passers and better understand the strategies behind certain plays.

Definition of a Lob Pass

A lob pass is an overhead pass that requires good timing and accuracy from the passer. It’s typically used when there’s no direct path between the passer and their intended target, so they throw an arching pass over defenders or other obstacles instead. The lob goes up high into the air before descending down towards its target. This gives time for other offensive players to position themselves around their defender, making it easier for them to catch the ball without being blocked by opponents.

Benefits of Using a Lob Pass

The main benefit of using a lob pass is that it allows you to get the ball past defenders who are blocking your path or crowding around your teammate who’s trying to receive the ball. It also helps create space on offense since defenders will often back off when they see someone throwing an arching lob into open court space. Additionally, if executed properly, it can be one of most impressive passes which looks aesthetically pleasing on TV broadcasts!

Conclusion: How To Train For A Successful Lob Pass

Lob passes require precision and skill in order to be successful; however with practice anyone can master this type of pass! When practicing learn how much power you need put behind each lob so that they don’t go too far away from your teammate but also not too close where they could easily get intercepted by opponents. Additionally try different angles when throwing — some might work better than others depending on what kind of defensive pressure your team is facing at any given moment during games!