What Is A Green Card In Lacrosse? All You Need To Know About This Unique Rule

What is a Green Card in Lacrosse?

The term “green card” is used in the sport of lacrosse to refer to a player who has been suspended from the game for an extended period of time, usually at least one game. It may be issued by either the coach or referee of a match, and it serves as an official warning that further unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. In many cases, this type of suspension can also lead to more serious sanctions if necessary.

A green card is typically issued when a player commits any number of violations, such as excessive physical play, taunting opponents, using vulgar language on the field, and engaging in aggressive behavior towards other players or officials. The issuing team will then inform the opposing team about why their player has received the green card and what action they have taken against him/her.

Understanding How A Green Card Is Used

In most lacrosse leagues, receiving a green card means that you are automatically suspended for one full game – no exceptions – and must sit out until your next scheduled match (or longer depending on what sort of violation was committed). This means that while you may still practice with your teammates during this time frame, you cannot participate in matches until your suspension is served. In some extreme cases where multiple green cards have been accumulated over time or particularly egregious violations occurred during playtime, additional suspensions may be imposed upon offending players, including fines or even disqualification from participating for longer periods of time, depending on how severe their actions were deemed by league authorities.

Additionally, teams are often required to submit detailed reports summarizing any incidents which resulted in the issuance of a green card so that proper disciplinary measures can be taken should similar instances reoccur later down the line. This helps ensure fair gameplay within all levels competitively.


Ultimately, understanding what constitutes acceptable behavior when playing lacrosse as well as recognizing potential ramifications associated with violating these principles, is crucial for maintaining safe playing environments across all levels. Though being issued a green card might sound intimidating initially, following its strict guidelines can ultimately help prevent future issues from occurring due to inappropriate conduct, whether intentional or unintentional.