What Is A Green Card In Field Hockey? Explaining The Rules & Regulations

What is a Green Card in Field Hockey?

Field hockey has its own set of rules and regulations, including the use of green cards. A green card is an official warning issued by the umpire to a player or team for an infringement they have committed during a match. It is also known as a misconduct card, as it warns players that if they continue to behave badly or commit another serious offense, they may be sent off from the game. This article will explain what constitutes a green card and when umpires should use it.

How Is The Green Card Used?

The purpose of issuing the green card is to provide a fair warning before further action is taken against the offending player or team. An umpire can issue a green card at any time during play if they feel an infringement has been committed that warrants such action. When this happens, all players are stopped and alerted with raised arms while the referee speaks directly with the offender about why they were given this warning and what could happen next if their behavior continues in such a manner. Additionally, no other play can resume until after this formal caution has been spoken out loud – making sure everyone on both teams are aware that someone was caught doing something wrong and must now take extra care going forward with their actions on the field hockey pitch!

Types Of Offences That Can Lead To A Green Card

Most commonly seen offenses include repeated physical contact between players (pushing/shoving), dangerous tackles, or fouls where one player deliberately attempts to stop another from scoring or reaching the ball first. All of these instances can result in receiving a yellow card (temporary suspension) or even a red card (disqualification). Other reasons why someone might get warned include verbal abuse towards opponents/umpires, improper equipment worn during the match, or stepping on court boundaries without permission. All these types of offensive behavior should not be tolerated within the sport itself, so referees must remain vigilant throughout the duration to ensure that fair play remains dominant over the entire match.


Green cards are an important part of field hockey as they help keep players accountable for their actions while playing games competitively. Umpires have the authority to issue warnings when necessary but, most importantly act fairly and responsibly whenever possible – making sure all participants understand the importance of following correct rules & regulations set forth by governing bodies regulating sport worldwide!