The Ultimate Guide To What Is The Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners

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The Perfect Pickleball Paddle for Beginners

Are you looking to get into the exciting sport of pickleball but aren’t sure which paddle to buy? Don’t worry, we can help. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for a beginner. From size and shape to weight and materials, each type of paddle has its own set of characteristics that make it unique.

Size & Shape

When selecting a pickleball paddle, size and shape are important considerations that will affect your performance on the court. Generally speaking, smaller paddles are easier to maneuver while larger ones have greater power potential. The most common shapes are rectangular or teardrop-shaped with rounded edges all around. Choose the shape that feels most comfortable in your hands!

Weight & Materials

Another factor when choosing a pickleball paddle is weight and material composition. Generally speaking, light paddles tend to offer more control while heavier paddles give you more power behind each shot. As far as materials go, polypropylene core models tend to be lighter but less durable than fiberglass composite cores which provide better response time at impact with more accuracy overall.


Selecting the right pickleball paddle for beginners boils down to personal preference based on size/shape and weight/materials preferences combined with budget constraints if any exist at all! Do some research online or try out different models at local stores before making your purchase—this way you can find the perfect fit without any surprises down the road