What Is A Free Ball In Volleyball? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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What is a Free Ball in Volleyball?

Volleyball is an exciting, fast-paced and strategic sport. Players must move quickly around the court to keep up with the rapid ball movement and intense competition. One particular play that can be used by either team is known as a free ball. But what exactly is a free ball in volleyball?

A free ball occurs when one team sends the ball over to their opponents without spiking or attempting to score directly off of it. Instead, they send it gently over the net so that their opponents can volley it back over for them to then return again in attempt to score points – this being known as ‘free’ because neither side has made any attack yet, but are simply hitting the ball back and forth across the net instead.

Why Use a Free Ball?

Free balls are often used strategically by teams during matches for various reasons. If an attacking player feels like their spike might not land successfully on the opponent’s side of court, they may decide to hit a free ball instead; this allows them time to set up defensively while still allowing them another chance of scoring if their opponents don’t manage to get it back past them quickly enough. Additionally, experienced players may use this tactic as part of their strategy when playing against an unfamiliar opponent; since no power or technique needs to be applied behind each shot, teams can gauge how well each other responds before deciding whether or not they should risk making more aggressive plays later on in the game.


In conclusion, understanding how and why teams use free balls during gameplay can help you stay ahead of your opponent’s strategies while also giving you extra opportunities throughout games if needed! With some practice and experience using these shots correctly during your own matches will definitely give you an edge going forward!