What Is Drive In Badminton? The Ultimate Guide To This Popular Sport

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Understanding the Drive in Badminton

Badminton is a fast-paced, enjoyable racquet sport. It requires quick reflexes and an ability to hit shots accurately and with power. One of the key elements of badminton is the drive, which can be used to attack or defend against your opponent. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a drive in badminton is and how it can be used effectively during a match.

What Is a Drive?

A drive in badminton is when you hit the shuttlecock with your racket using a straight arm movement at medium speed. The main purpose of this shot is to create defensive pressure on your opponent by attacking their court space while also putting them on the back foot as they have less time to react and return your shot. This type of shot requires good control over technique as well as timing, so that you don’t give away too much power or accuracy in order for it to work successfully.

How Can You Use It Effectively?

Using drives effectively means being able to vary up where you place them around the court – if you always send them down one line then it will become easy for your opponent to predict where they are going next time round! Instead, try varying up between sending them crosscourt (from left side of court diagonally across) or diagonally long (down one line). This will make it more difficult for your opponent and allow you greater chances to score points from these shots if executed correctly.

Another way that drives can be used effectively during play is by combining other shots such as clears or drops into rallies before hitting out with this shot – doing so will keep your opponents guessing while also giving yourself greater opportunities at making returns off any potential mistakes they might make due to being kept on their toes!


Drives are essential components of any game plan when playing badminton – understanding how and when they should be deployed helps players get ahead both tactically and strategically during matches! With practice comes mastery; use techniques mentioned above along with plenty of practice sessions until execution becomes second nature – then start adding variations into play-styles depending on who’s across from you each time round!