The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss: The Best Foods To Eat For Maximum Results What Is A Double Pivot In Soccer? Learn How To Master This Technique!

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The double pivot is an attacking strategy used in soccer that can help create scoring chances and open up the defense. It involves two players, usually midfielders, working together to move the ball forward on the field. With precise passing and good timing, this tactic can lead to a goal or even just increased offensive pressure on the other team. In this blog post we’ll look at how it works and how you can use it effectively in your own games.

What Is a Double Pivot?

A double pivot is when two players work together to move the ball forward on offense. Usually one of these players will take possession of the ball while their partner provides support by making runs into space behind them or offering additional passing options ahead of them. The team using this tactic will often switch positions after each pass so that they don’t become predictable and are able to keep possession for longer periods of time as well as open up more space for shots on goal.

How Does It Work?

In order for a double pivot attack to be successful both players must have excellent skill with their feet as well as great communication skills so they know where each other are at all times during play. Both players need to constantly be aware of their surroundings in order to make quick decisions about which way they should pass or run with the ball; if either player makes a wrong decision then it could leave them exposed defensively or unable to capitalize upon any scoring opportunities created from their initial attack. To execute this tactic properly both midfielders must also possess sound knowledge of angles and trajectories when passing so that they set up easy passes for each other without giving away too much time or energy trying complicated dribbling moves around defenders instead


The double pivot is an effective attacking strategy used in soccer that requires precise passing, good timing and coordinated movement between two teammates who understand each others strengths and weaknesses – but when mastered correctly it can give teams added momentum going forward while creating plenty of chances inside opponents’ defending third! While mastering such coordination isn’t always easy, having a couple practice sessions dedicated specifically towards executing this technique could provide huge dividends come match day – leaving teams ready better prepared than ever before!