What Is A Double In Volleyball For A Setter: The Basics Explained

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Understanding the Setter’s Double Duty in Volleyball

Volleyball is an exciting, fast-paced sport that requires teamwork and a great deal of strategy. One key position is that of the setter, who serves as both the quarterback for their team’s offense and a defensive specialist. As such, it’s important to understand what a double is when playing this position.

What Is A Double?

A double in volleyball occurs when the setter sets two consecutive balls—that is, they make two passes or sets to different players while they are still in contact with the ball. This can be done either by setting one player twice consecutively or by setting two different players within three touches on one side of the court. It’s often used as part of an offensive play to confuse opposing blockers and defensively to slow down strong hitters while keeping possession of the ball.

Why Are Doubles Important For The Setter?

Doubles are important for several reasons: firstly, they allow your team to maintain control over their offense without having to reset every time; secondly, doubles create opportunities for greater offensive options (such as quick attacks); and finally, doubles provide a chance for defensive specialists like liberos or middle blockers to get involved more actively on offense by providing them with more chances at attacking from various angles.


As a result, understanding how best utilize doubles can help any setters become better all-around players capable of outsmarting their opponents through creative strategies and tactics. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player – but getting comfortable using doubles will no doubt give you an edge in any game!