What Is A Double Cross In Golf? Exploring The Advanced Maneuver

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Understanding the Double Cross in Golf

Knowing the ins and outs of golf can be daunting for beginners. One of the terms that you may hear often is “double cross”, so what does it mean? In this blog post, we’ll explore exactly what a double cross is in golf and how to avoid it.

What Is A Double Cross?

A double cross occurs when a golfer hits their ball too far on one side of the fairway or green, causing them to need an extra stroke to finish their hole. This usually happens when someone takes more club than they should have or if they don’t take into account wind speed and direction properly. It can also happen if someone gets unlucky with their aim – if there are trees blocking your line, for example, then you might end up hitting your ball too far away from the hole even with proper shot selection.

How To Avoid The Double Cross

To avoid making a double cross on any given shot, you’ll want to consider all factors before selecting your club and aiming at the target. Make sure that you’re taking into account wind speed/direction as well as any obstacles that could affect where your ball goes (trees, bunkers etc). When possible, use a rangefinder to get an idea of how much power will be required for each shot – this will help guide which clubs are appropriate for use in different situations. Additionally, practice helps; become familiar with each club’s distance capabilities so that you know roughly how much power needs to go into every swing.


The dreaded double cross can ruin any golfer’s round but by understanding what causes it and taking steps to minimize its likelihood such as using rangefinders and practicing regularly with different clubs – avoiding it becomes much easier! With these tips in mind next time out on the course players should feel confident enough not only knowing what is meant by ‘the double cross’ but also being able to prevent themselves from encountering one!