What Is A Dink In Volleyball? Learn About This Classic Volleyball Move

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Understanding the Volleyball Dink

Volleyball is a sport that requires skill, agility and strategy. Every move must be precise and executed with accuracy in order to be successful. One of the most important moves a player can make is the dink – a delicate shot that can set up your team for success or put them in an advantageous position. But what exactly is this mysterious move?

What Is a Volleyball Dink?

A dink, also known as an “underspin” or “soft tip”, is when a player uses their knuckles to gently tap the ball over the net with backspin. The goal of this shot is to land it just inside the court, out of reach from any defenders. This soft touch allows for more control and accuracy compared to other shots like kills or spikes which require more power behind them.

When To Use A Dink In Volleyball

The dink should be used strategically during gameplay depending on what kind of advantage you want your team to have. It’s often used when there aren’t many options left due to blocked attackers at net or if players are unable to get enough power behind their attack shots due to fatigue or lack of strength. Additionally, using it in certain situations will surprise opponents who may not expect such finesse from your side; catching them off guard gives you an edge during play.


The volleyball dink is an essential part of any competitive game and understanding how it works can help give teams an advantage against their opponents during matches! Knowing when and where to use it can mean all the difference between winning and losing so always remember: practice makes perfect!