What Is A Dead Ball in Volleyball? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Understanding the Dead Ball Concept in Volleyball

Volleyball is an exciting and fun game to play, but it is also filled with unique rules and regulations. One of these rules includes the concept of a dead ball. A dead ball in volleyball occurs when a player makes contact with the ball twice consecutively or when there are any number of other violations that can result in a point being taken away from one team.

In this blog post we will discuss what exactly constitutes as a dead ball situation and how players should go about handling them on the court. We’ll also cover some tips for avoiding them altogether so your team can stay competitive throughout the match!

What Is Considered a Dead Ball?

A dead ball situation happens when two players make contact with the same volleyball within three seconds of each other without another player touching it first or if they touch it twice consecutively without allowing another person to make contact at all. It’s important to note that even though two people have touched it, only one player may be called out for having violated this rule – typically, whoever made contact first would be called out for double-hitting/carrying/spiking before passing off properly to their teammate (if applicable.) Additionally, if you hit an opponent’s body parts such as hands or arms while playing volleyball then this too is considered a violation which results in a dead ball call against your team!

How To Avoid Dead Balls

The best way to avoid getting into situations where you might get penalized by committing a dead ball infraction is simply by following basic volleyball rules and taking care not to break them! Make sure that everyone on your team knows their roles and responsibilities during games so they can act accordingly during plays; double-check yourself before attempting any spikes or passes that could potentially lead into technical fouls; practice safe passing techniques like “bumping” rather than spiking whenever possible; and lastly remember never ever try hitting someone else’s arm/hand during gameplay – aside from being illegal, doing so won’t do much good anyway since those areas are usually off limits due to blocking restrictions anyways!


Dead balls occur more often than most people realize in volleyball games. By understanding what counts as one, teams can work together better on court execution strategies for points scoring opportunities instead of worrying about potential penalties due to overplaying certain shots or making illegal contacts between opponents’ body parts while playing defense.. With proper knowledge surrounding these concepts plus some self-discipline amongst teammates during games, teams should be able to keep themselves well within legal boundaries while still enjoying all aspects of competitive playtime!