What is a CrossFit Chipper?

An Introduction to CrossFit

CrossFit has become a popular fitness trend over the past decade, offering a unique and challenging approach to exercise. It combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and cardiovascular training into intense workouts designed to improve overall fitness. One particular type of workout you may come across in CrossFit is known as a “chipper.”

The Definition of a Chipper Workout

In the world of CrossFit, a chipper workout refers to an endurance-focused session that involves completing multiple exercises or movements back-to-back without any prescribed rest intervals. The aim is to complete all the designated repetitions or rounds for each movement before moving on to the next one.

Why Is It Called “Chipper”?

The Origin of the Term

The term “chipper” in relation to this type of workout originated from its resemblance to chipping away at something until it’s completed. Just like chipping away bits by bits towards finishing a task, you gradually work through each exercise until you finish the entire list.

How Does It Work?

The Structure and Objective

A chipper workout typically consists of various exercises combined in succession with no specific order or rep scheme requirements. The objective is usually based on completing all repetitions for each movement before advancing further within minimal breaks.

For instance, let’s imagine we have an example chipper consisting of 50 kettlebell swings followed by 40 box jumps, then progressing onto 30 wall balls and finally finishing with 20 burpees. In this scenario, your goal would be first accomplishing all 50 kettlebell swings before moving onto box jumps.

Varying Rep Schemes and Movements

The rep schemes and movements in a chipper workout can be diverse, depending on the programming or trainer’s goals. Some chipper workouts involve descending or ascending repetitions for each movement, such as 50-40-30-20 as seen before.

Alternatively, the exercises may also vary widely – ranging from classic bodyweight movements like push-ups and pull-ups to heavy lifts like deadlifts or Olympic lifts. This variety adds excitement and challenge to each chipper workout session.

Benefits of a Chipper Workout

Improving Endurance and Stamina

Completing a chipper workout can significantly enhance your endurance and stamina levels due to its demanding nature. By pushing yourself through multiple exercises without predetermined rest intervals, you’ll train your body to sustain effort over extended periods.

Variety Keeps It Engaging

The ever-changing combination of exercises within a chipper workout keeps the training sessions fresh and exciting. This not only prevents boredom but also allows you to target different muscle groups while improving overall fitness.

Mental Toughness Development

Chipper workouts require mental resilience as well. The task of completing various challenging movements back-to-back can test your willpower and determination – ultimately developing mental toughness that transcends into other aspects of life beyond the gym walls.

Tips for Performing a Chipper Workout Safely

Warm-Up Thoroughly

Before diving into any intense exercise regimen like a chipper workout, it is crucial always to warm up adequately. A dynamic warm-up routine should include mobility exercises targeting major muscle groups involved in the upcoming session.

Pace Yourself Accordingly

While chippers encourage continuous efforts with minimal rest between movements, it’s vital not to burn out too early by going full throttle from the start. Pace yourself according to your fitness level, ensuring you can complete the entire workout while maintaining proper form.

Maintain Proper Form

It is essential to prioritize technique and maintain proper form throughout all movements within a chipper workout. This includes controlling your breathing, engaging core muscles, and avoiding excessive strain or compensatory movements that may increase injury risk.


In summary, a CrossFit chipper is an endurance-focused workout involving completing a series of exercises or movements with minimal rest between each one. Offering various rep schemes and movement patterns, chippers challenge both physical fitness and mental toughness. By incorporating these workouts into your training routine safely and effectively, you can significantly improve endurance levels while enjoying the variety they bring to your fitness journey.