What is a BMX Freecoaster?

When it comes to the world of BMX riding, there are various components and parts that contribute to the overall performance and functionality of the bike. One such important component is the freecoaster. A freecoaster is a specific type of rear hub that allows riders to perform unique tricks and maneuvers by disengaging the traditional engagement mechanism found in regular hubs.

The Basics

In order to understand what a freecoaster is, it’s essential first to grasp how a standard BMX hub functions. In most conventional hubs, when you stop pedaling or apply backward pressure on your cranks, your bike’s drivetrain engages and forces your rear wheel to rotate backward as well.

A freecoaster hub differs from this norm by incorporating an additional clutch system. This system enables riders to coast without engaging the drivetrain while still maintaining control over their balance and direction.

The Benefits

The introduction of the freecoaster has revolutionized certain aspects of BMX riding by opening up new possibilities for creativity and progression. Here are some notable benefits:

1. Trick Variety:

A significant advantage provided by a freecoaster hub is its ability to facilitate trick execution that would be challenging or impossible with a regular cassette-style hub. Tricks like fakie manuals, backwards manual lines, and half-cab variations become much easier due to being able to freely roll backward without needing constant pedal pressure or losing momentum abruptly upon landing.

2. Smooth Backward Riding:

With a traditional cassette hub, when attempting any sort of backwards riding maneuver (fakie), you experience immediate resistance due to pedal engagement as soon as you begin rolling in reverse. The freecoaster eliminates this resistance, allowing for a smoother and more controlled riding experience when going backward.

3. Enhanced Style:

The incorporation of a freecoaster into your BMX setup can add an extra level of style and finesse to your riding. The ability to roll backward without pedaling opens up opportunities for creative lines and unique combinations, enabling riders to develop their own signature moves and stand out from the crowd.


While a freecoaster undoubtedly offers numerous advantages, it’s important to mention some considerations before deciding if it’s the right choice for you:

1. Learning Curve:

Making the switch from a traditional cassette hub to a freecoaster requires adjustment in terms of technique and timing. It may take time to become comfortable with the different engagement/disengagement feeling associated with using a freecoaster hub.

2. Maintenance Requirements:

An additional consideration is that freecoasters typically have more internal components compared to regular hubs, which could result in increased maintenance needs over time. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and occasional adjustments are necessary to keep your hub functioning optimally.

In Conclusion

A BMX freecoaster is an innovative rear hub that enhances trick potential while providing smooth backward riding capabilities. By giving riders control over engaging or disengaging their drivetrain on demand, it unlocks new realms of creativity within the sport. Although there may be a learning curve involved in adapting to its unique feel and some additional maintenance requirements compared to conventional hubs, many riders find that embracing the benefits outweigh any initial challenges they encounter.