What Is A Backhand Drop In Badminton? Here’s How To Master It!

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Understanding the Basics of a Backhand Drop in Badminton

Badminton is a sport that requires speed, agility, and accuracy. One of the most important shots in badminton is the backhand drop. It can be used to score points against an opponent or to set yourself up for a better shot. So what exactly is a backhand drop in badminton and how do you hit it?

What Is A Backhand Drop In Badminton?

A backhand drop shot in badminton is when you hit the shuttlecock with your racket using your non-dominant hand (usually your left). The purpose of this stroke is to surprise your opponent by sending the shuttlecock downward quickly after contact with your racket. This requires precision as well as timing because if there’s too much power behind it, then it could fly over the net or out of court entirely! To execute this move correctly, you must hold onto either side of your grip firmly to easily control its direction and angle. Additionally, make sure to follow through on each swing so that all of its power is released at once instead of gradually throughout motion which will cause more errors than successes!

How To Do A Backhand Drop In Badminton

The key to hitting an effective backhand drop shot starts from proper footwork. As soon as you see where your opponent has sent the shuttlecock, start walking towards them while also turning sideways into their direction – this will give maximum coverage across front court area and help keep track on any defensive postures they may take during return rally preparation (e.g., lifting racquet up for smash). When ready for execution; twist wrist forward upon impact with a shuttlecock and bring racket downwards quickly afterwards – all whilst staying low & balanced, ensuring good body posture throughout the entire movement pattern! Finally – try not experiment too much but focus on repeating the same technique over again until finding success rate increases significantly due to higher levels of confidence & control within strokes being delivered consistently without fail each time!


Mastering a backhand drop requires practice, patience, and consistency before becoming proficient enough for competitive play. With thoughtful execution comes great rewards- being able to surprise opponents easily during intense rallies by suddenly dropping short angles off court gives players huge advantage point scoring opportunities otherwise denied via other traditional methods such serves etc… Understanding basics & having right attitude towards mastering skill sets required goes a long way helping player gain full potential within game environment allowing them to rise head above rest competition standings place themselves firmly top spot revered champion league ranks eventually winning the coveted title itself one-day future!