The Best Grit Sandpaper for Refinishing a Bowling Ball

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The Basics Of Grit Sandpaper For Bowling Balls

When it comes to bowling, selecting the right equipment is essential for success. One important part of that process is deciding which grit sandpaper to use on your bowling ball. Different types of sandpaper and grits can help you get the best performance out of your ball, so understanding what type works best for you can make a big difference.

Types Of Grit Sandpapers

Sandpapers come in many different types and grades, but there are four main categories used for bowling balls: aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, garnet and ceramic alumina. Aluminum oxide is the most common type and offers a good balance between strength and flexibility. Silicon carbide provides extra durability against abrasion while still being flexible enough to use on softer surfaces like plastic or wood. Garnet gives more aggressive cutting power than other options but also wears down quickly with frequent use. Ceramic alumina offers an even finer finish than all other types combined, making it ideal for polishing delicate surfaces like marble or glass without leaving any visible scratches behind.

Choosing The Right Grit For Your Ball

Once you’ve chosen the type of paper you want to use on your bowling ball, it’s time to pick the right grit size. Generally speaking, coarser abrasives are typically better suited for removing deep grooves from a surface before using finer ones for polishing purposes afterwards – this will depend largely on how much wear has been inflicted onto your ball over time though as well as its overall condition prior to starting work with sandpaper (i.e., if it’s already quite worn-down then smaller grain sizes may be more appropriate). In general however 240-400 grit would provide a good starting point when trying restore some life back into an existing piece while 1000+ should be reserved only after completing initial stages (as they’ll offer too little resistance otherwise).


Finding the right grit sandpaper can make all the difference in improving your game when it comes to bowlings balls! With so many available options out there though finding one suitable specifically tailored towards each individual situation might appear daunting at first; however by understanding all aspects involved such as types of papers available alongside respective purpose/grain sizing associated with them – gaining confidence in choosing correct tool becomes far easier task!