What Gas Does NASCAR Use? The Surprising Answer Revealed!

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The Power Behind NASCAR: What Gas Does it Use?

When NASCAR drivers take to the track, they’re not just out for a leisurely drive. They’re in for an intense battle of speed and skill, fueled by some of the most powerful engines on the planet. But what is powering these vehicles? Many people don’t know that NASCAR uses a special fuel blend to maximize performance and safety on the racetrack.

Gasoline Components in NASCAR Fuel Blends

NASCAR fuel blends are made up primarily of gasoline components such as ethanol, methanol, and butane. Ethanol is used because it burns cleanly with fewer emissions than traditional gasoline-based fuels; this means less pollution at race tracks where large crowds gather to watch events. Methanol also helps create more power while burning cleaner than other gasoline-based fuels; however, it’s more corrosive than ethanol and can cause damage if not properly handled or stored correctly. Finally, butane gives vehicles an extra boost during acceleration phases due to its higher octane rating compared to regular unleaded gas – though its flammability limits its use in certain types of motorsports racing like drag racing or off roading where sparks might ignite fuel lines.

Why Is This Special Blend Used?

NASCAR relies on this special blend because it provides superior performance over traditional pump gas thanks to its additives which improve engine efficiency and limit wear and tear across long races – something that would otherwise be too expensive with conventional petrols alone. Additionally, using a single fuel blend across all teams ensures fairness amongst competitors while also reducing costs associated with sourcing different types of gas from different vendors or manufacturers (which could potentially raise prices). By using just one type of fuel blend, everyone can compete equally without having someone gain an unfair advantage due to their choice in fuels!


As you can see from this article, there’s much more going into a successful race day than meets the eye when it comes down to what goes into powering those powerful engines on the track – namely through specialized blends containing various components such as ethanol, methanol and butane! While these blends may cost slightly more upfront compared to regular pump gas options available at your local station – they offer superior performance when put up against them – making them worth every penny spent come race day!