What Does ‘Shot On Target’ Mean In Soccer? Here’s What You Should Know

men playing soccer

Understanding the Meaning of ‘Shot on Target’ in Soccer

For many soccer fans, there is nothing more thrilling than watching a player take aim and fire off a shot at goal. But have you ever wondered what it means when commentators talk about shots ‘on target’? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this important concept.

What Does Shot On Target Mean?

A shot on target refers to any attempt by an attacking player that goes towards the opponent’s goal and can be saved by either the goalkeeper or one of their defenders. It could be a powerful strike from outside the box, or a delicate chip over the top – as long as it is directed at the goal, then it counts as an attempt ‘on target’. Shots on target are also referred to as ‘shots on frame’ or simply ‘on frame’ in some parts of Europe.

Why Is Knowing About Shots On Target Important?

The importance of understanding shots on target is twofold: firstly for coaches, who use data collected from matches about how often players shoot and how successful they are; and secondly for statisticians who make use of this information when compiling records for leagues around the world. As such, knowing what constitutes an effort that counts towards these statistics is key if we want accurate figures!


In conclusion, being aware of what constitutes a shot on target in soccer can help coaches track their teams progress more accurately while providing statisticians with reliable data points which they can use for record keeping purposes moving forward into future seasons. This knowledge will ensure that meaningful conclusions can be drawn from match analysis going forward!