What Does “No Contest” Mean in Boxing? A Comprehensive Guide

Man in Black Boxing Gloves

What Does No Contest Mean in Boxing?

Boxing is a highly competitive sport that requires skill, strength, and strategy. It’s also one of the oldest forms of combat sports, dating back to ancient Greece. But what exactly does ‘no contest’ mean in boxing?

The phrase ‘no contest’ is used when there has been a technical or medical issue during the match, and both boxers are unable to continue. This can be due to an injury sustained by one competitor, such as a cut or broken bone, or if a fighter has suffered an accidental low blow. In these cases, the result of the bout is declared null and void with no winner.

The Rules Surrounding No Contest

When ‘no contest’ is called in boxing, it generally means that neither boxer will be awarded either knockout points or decision points for their performance. Each state may have slightly different rules surrounding this outcome, but usually, it’s determined by judges at ringside who decide whether any penalties should be given for illegal strikes or other rule infractions; however, these don’t count towards deciding who wins the fight as it’s ruled out of play because of its invalidity due to the no-contest ruling.

If a fight ends with two fighters being unable to continue after an accidental headbutt, then this would also result in a no-contest ruling since neither opponent could legally land blows on the other until they had recovered from their injuries – which would render any scoring moot anyway! Additionally, if either fighter was deemed unfit before entering the competition, then again, this could be labeled as ‘no contest’.


No contest rulings are rare occurrences in boxing, but they happen occasionally when something unexpected happens during matches between competitors. The exact rules surrounding them vary slightly depending on where you are, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with local regulations before stepping into the ring!