The Meaning Behind ‘MD’ in Boxing: What Does It Stand For?

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What Does MD Mean in Boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest and most exciting sports on the planet. It’s been around for centuries, but throughout its history, several different terms have been used to describe certain scenarios. One of these terms is ‘MD’, an acronym that stands for ‘majority decision’ – but what does it really mean?

What Is a Majority Decision in Boxing?

A majority decision occurs when two out of three judges score the fight for one boxer over their opponent. The final result is that this fighter won by majority decision regardless of how close or how many rounds were fought. This differs from other decisions, such as unanimous decisions (where all three judges agree on who won) and split decisions (where two judges agree on who won).

In some cases, all three judges may not award any single fighter a win – instead, they might draw a conclusion that neither fighter should be given victory or defeat due to the bout being too close to call. In this case, it would be declared as a no contest or draw depending upon which ruleset was used during the fight.

When Is an MD Awarded?

An MD can only be awarded if at least two out of three judges score in favor of one boxer over another; otherwise, neither party will receive victory or defeat, and either a draw or no contest will be declared instead. Judges are always looking for clear signs that one athlete has dominated over their opponent – things like damage inflicted, effective strikes landed, and defensive maneuvers deployed should all help them determine which fighter deserves to take home the win via majority decision if necessary.


In summary, MD stands for ‘majority decision’ – wherein two out of three judges must decide unanimously in favor of one boxer over another before awarding them with the victory via split verdict rather than declaring it as either a no-contest or draw between both fighters involved in boxing matches worldwide today!