What Does GP Mean In Lacrosse? A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding The Lingo

Young Athletes Running on the Field while Holding a Lacrosse Stick

What Does GP Mean in Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a fast-paced, high intensity sport that requires players to have a mastery of both physical and mental skills. But what does the acronym “GP” mean in lacrosse? It stands for “ground ball pickup,” which is an important skill for any successful lacrosse player to master.

Understanding Ground Ball Pickup in Lacrosse

Ground ball pickups involve scooping up balls from the ground or turf with your stick. This is usually done after an opposing team has scored or when the opponent has lost possession of the ball due to a pass being intercepted or blocked by one of your teammates. In order to successfully pick up ground balls and maintain control during possession, it’s important to practice good technique and proper body positioning.

First, you should always keep your head down while maintaining balance on two feet so that you can quickly move around when needed without losing speed or agility. Next, make sure the pocket at the top of your stick is facing downward towards the ground as this will give you better leverage when picking up loose balls from beneath opponents’ sticks. Finally, use quick but controlled movements while using both hands on either side of your stick to scoop up any nearby grounded balls as fast as possible before someone else can get their hands on them first!
Ideally, this should be followed with accurate passing and shooting techniques so that you can get back into play immediately afterwards without giving away too much time for opponents’ counterattacks.


Ground ball pickups are essential skills for anyone looking to become a proficient lacrosse player – they allow players to maintain possession even after their opponents have attempted shots or passes against them! With some practice and dedication mastering GP will soon become second nature; just remember those three simple steps: keeping your head down while balancing on two feet; pointing your pocket downwards; then using quick yet controlled movements with both hands on either side of our stick – ready… set… GO!