What Does “Flighted” Mean In Golf? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

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What Does Flighted Mean in Golf?

The game of golf is full of unique terminology, and ‘flighted’ is one such term used to describe a particular type of shot. But what does flighted mean in golf?

In simple terms, when you hear someone talking about a ‘flighted’ shot, they are referring to the trajectory or path that the ball follows as it leaves the clubface. A flighted shot occurs when a player deliberately shapes their shots with different trajectories. This means that instead of hitting every shot in exactly the same way – straight up into the air and then down towards the target – players can use different angles to hit their shots.

How Does Flighting Work In Practice?

Flighting can be used for various reasons depending on where your ball lies on the course, what kind of ground conditions you have and which hole you are playing. For instance, if you know that there is an obstacle blocking your direct route to reach your target green, then using a flighted approach might help you get around this obstacle by making sure your ball flies over it at just enough height but also avoiding any obstructions along its path.

Flighting can also be used more strategically when trying to set up certain kinds of putts or trying avoid hazards like water hazards or bunkers near greenside areas. Different clubs will produce different results when it comes to how much loft they add onto each shot so this should always be taken into account before attempting any kind of tricky flight-related maneuvers while out on course!


To wrap things up; having an understanding of how ‘flight’ works and being able to implement these techniques during play could ultimately prove beneficial for all types of players regardless if they’re newbies learning basic fundamentals or seasoned veterans looking for some extra edge on their game! There’s no doubt that mastering this skill will take time and practice–but once done right it could become invaluable tool helping players lower scores quickly through better decision making while out on course!