What Does DNP Mean in Basketball? A Comprehensive Guide to Team Lingo

Wilson NCAA basketball on black board

What Does DNP Mean in Basketball?

When you watch a basketball game, you can see certain abbreviations beside players’ names on the scoreboard. One of these is “DNP”. So what does this mean and why is it important?

An Overview of the Meaning Behind “DNP”

A player who has “DNP” next to their name has not played in that game or been on the court for any period of time. This abbreviation stands for Did Not Play, signifying that the player was available but did not get to play at all during the game. It could mean a lot of things – from being injured or ill to having disciplinary issues with their team.

This information should be viewed alongside other statistics such as points scored, assists made and turnovers committed, as well as playing time stats like minutes played and field goal percentage. All these numbers help managers decide which players are performing well and which ones need more support or can be replaced if necessary. For this reason, it’s important to understand what DNP means so that fans don’t jump to conclusions about a particular player’s performance when they may have simply missed out on playing time due to circumstances outside their control.


Ultimately, understanding what “DNP” means in basketball is an important part of interpreting data associated with different players’ performances across games and seasons so fans can accurately assess how each individual contributes towards their team’s success – even if they haven’t had chance to step foot onto the court yet!