What Does ‘Break’ Mean In Soccer? Here’s The Simple Answer You Need To Know

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What Does Breaking Mean in Soccer?

Soccer is a sport filled with terminology that can be confusing for newcomers to the game. One term you may hear often is ‘breaking’ but it’s not always obvious what this means. In soccer, breaking occurs when a player takes possession of the ball and quickly changes directions with it. It can also refer to a situation where the offensive team has an advantage over their opponents due to their superior numbers or better positioning on the field – hence they have ‘broken through’ or ‘broken up’ the defense.

How Is Breaking Used in Soccer?

Breaking is one of many tactics used by players to gain an advantage over their opponents, as it allows them to move into space and create chances for themselves or teammates. Players will typically break away from defenders by using quick dribbling moves and sharp turns which give them just enough time and space needed to create opportunities. Additionally, breaking away from defenders can also help teams play more attacking football as they have more freedom when going forward than if they were stuck in defensive positions trying to keep possession of the ball all game long.

The Benefits Of Breaking In Soccer

Breaking provides numerous benefits for both individuals and teams during matches; firstly, it helps players get past opposition players who are trying to stop them from advancing downfield with the ball at their feet. Secondly, it gives attackers greater control of play since they don’t need any time for passes – instead, all that’s required is a few well-timed touches on the ball before moving forward into open space again without being challenged by defenders directly behind them. Lastly, breaking also gives teams an opportunity to score goals since gaps between defenders increase when opposing sides focus too much attention on one particular player who’s attempting breaks multiple times throughout matches; allowing other attackers higher upfield more room and chances at goalmouths!


Breaking is an important tool within soccer that provides countless benefits both defensively and offensively depending upon how its deployed during matches; helping individual players bypass opposition defenses while simultaneously creating scoring opportunities for others further upfield thanks largely due its unpredictable nature amongst other factors such as speed off-the-mark & quick thinking decisions!