What Does “2 Fingers” Mean In Volleyball? The Ultimate Guide To Hand Signals

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What is the Meaning of Two Fingers in Volleyball?

Volleyball is an exciting sport that requires skill, strategy, and teamwork. It’s a game filled with intense competition and thrilling moments. But to really excel at volleyball, it’s important to understand some of its basic rules and gestures. One gesture you may come across during a game is two fingers pointed up by either the referee or players on the court – but what does this mean in volleyball?

The Significance of Two Fingers Pointed Up

Two fingers pointed up usually indicates that the ball has gone out of bounds or over the top of the net. The referee will use this signal when they have judged that one team has made an illegal move or hit outside of their playing area. This action could also be used if a player has taken too long to make their next shot after receiving a serve from another team member.

If both teams agree on which team was responsible for making an illegal move, then they can use two fingers pointing up as a sign between them to indicate who should be awarded points for the play – without having to wait for further judgement from the referee. If there is any disagreement about who was responsible for making an infringement, then only one finger will be raised until all parties involved can agree upon which side should receive points for that particular play.


In conclusion, two fingers pointed up during a volleyball match typically means that someone has broken one of its rules or regulations by hitting outside their designated area on-court (or taking too long before making their next shot). If both teams agree who was responsible for breaking these rules then they can mutually decide amongst themselves who should receive points; otherwise only one finger will be raised until further judgement from officials can take place regarding which side should gain possession in order to continue with gameplay accordingly