What Tennis Players Drink During A Match: The Secret To Winning!

People Holding Tennis Rackets


What Tennis Players Drink During a Match

When it comes to professional sports, athletes have to take special care of their bodies in order to perform at their peak. This includes keeping hydrated during competitions, and for tennis players this means drinking certain liquids during a match. But what do they drink exactly?

There are many different types of drinks that can be consumed by tennis players during a match – some more suited than others. Water is the most common choice as it’s easy on the stomach and provides essential hydration without any added sugar or calories. Sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade are also popular amongst players as they contain electrolytes which help replace those lost through sweat and physical exertion. Caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea may also be chosen for an energy boost in between sets, but these should only be taken in moderation due to their diuretic effect which can lead to dehydration if over-consumed. Some professional athletes even choose coconut water for its high mineral content and natural sweetness; however, this is best saved for after the match rather than during!

Finally, there are specialized nutrition shakes specifically designed with athletes in mind; these provide all the necessary nutrients required while playing such as protein powder, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), carbohydrates and vitamins/minerals – making them an ideal post-match recovery drink too!


From water to sports drinks, energy boosting coffees and teas right down to specialized nutrition shakes – there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to what tennis players should drink during a match. Ultimately each athlete has different needs depending on their individual performance requirements so choosing the right beverage will depend on personal preferences as well as what works best for them physiologically speaking.