It’s National Softball Day: Find Out What You Need To Know And How To Celebrate!

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What is National Softball Day?

National Softball Day is an annual event celebrated on June 13th to recognize the sport of softball and its many contributions to society. The day was established by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) in 1975 as a way to promote and celebrate the game’s worldwide popularity. On this day, teams, leagues, and organizations are encouraged to get involved in activities promoting softball.

Softball has been a popular recreational activity since its invention during the late 19th century. It has since grown into one of America’s favorite pastimes and is enjoyed by millions around the world each year. Whether it’s playing pickup games at your local park or participating in competitive league play, there are plenty of ways for everybody to get out there and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun with their friends!

Celebrating National Softball Day

On National Softball Day, communities come together for events like tournaments and fundraisers that bring attention to all aspects of softball – from playing itself all the way through fundraising efforts needed to support teams and organizations that help maintain parks where people can play ball safely. Special offers may also be offered throughout communities such as discounted admissions or equipment rentals so everyone can join in on National Softball Day festivities!

Organizations like Little League® International also use this day as an opportunity for players across all age groups from tee ballers up through college age athletes to come out together for a big celebration honoring everything about softballs: its history, traditions, benefits it provides both physically as well as socially; plus how it brings people closer together no matter what background they might have individually – making it truly universal sports experience!


National Softball Day is an excellent way for everyone who loves softball – whether they play or not – to show their appreciation for this great sport while giving back to the community too! So, let’s take time out on June 13th every year to come together and show our appreciation for this wonderful game we all know and love so much – softball!