The Ultimate Guide To Rugby: Exploring The Countries That Play It

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Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has been embraced by countries all over the globe. But which countries play rugby? This article examines how many nations are involved with the sport, as well as providing an overview of where rugby is most commonly played.

What Countries Play Rugby?

Rugby can be found in over 100 countries from every continent around the world. The majority of nations playing regular international matches are located within Europe, particularly in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and France – but there are also large numbers of teams in Australia and New Zealand who compete against each other regularly. Other regions, such as South Africa, have recently become more involved with rugby.

In addition to this traditional form of the game, beach rugby has seen a huge rise in popularity across many parts of Europe and Asia in recent years – allowing people to take part without expensive kit or facilities being required. It’s estimated that around 25 million players globally now take part on some level due to its increasing availability since its invention 20 years ago by ex-England International player Graeme Hughes-Barlow.

International Competitions

At present, there are 12 official International Test sides: Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga. These teams compete for four major trophies: The Six Nations Championship (Europe), The Rugby Championship (Southern Hemisphere), the World Cup (Worldwide), and the Pacific Nations Cups (Pacific region). Additionally, there is an unofficial European championship held annually since 2011, known as ‘Eurorugby,’ which features Romania and Ukraine, but it does not include any Tier 1 nations yet due to a lack of funding and support from the governing bodies.


It’s clear that interest in rugby continues to grow across different continents and cultures – making it a truly global sport with a huge following worldwide! Whether you’re looking for competitive professional tournaments or want to get together with friends for a game – there will be plenty out there no matter where you live!