What Are Break Points In Tennis? A Beginner’s Guide To The Rules & Strategy

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What are Break Points in Tennis?

Break points occur when a player reaches a certain score in tennis that gives them the opportunity to win the set. When one of the players has two or more opportunities to win a game, they have what is known as break points. This can happen when one player holds serve, and then their opponent has two chances at winning the game. A break point is an important part of determining who will win the match, so it’s important to understand how they work.

How do Break Points Work?

When playing tennis, each player must reach four points before they can win a game. If one of these points involves breaking their opponent’s serve, then this counts as a break point for that particular player. A successful break point means that the other player loses their service advantage and now both players have equal chances at scoring another four-point victory in order to win the game.

In some cases, multiple games may be played back-to-back if neither side manages to gain an advantage over each other. In these situations, if either side successfully breaks serve again after having already won one point on their opponent’s service turn—this effectively counts as another “break point” for them and puts them further ahead in terms of winning set overall than if it had not occurred at all (i).


Breakpoints are an exciting part of competitive tennis matches because they represent opportunities for players to take control away from their opponents by breaking down their serves with powerful returns or well executed shots combined with strategic play skills such as placement and spin variations on shots – all essential elements necessary for any aspiring professional tennis players who wish to take their games up into higher levels of competition!