What Are Boonks In Basketball? Here Is What You Need To Know…

white and orange basketball hoop under blue sky during daytime


What are Boonks in Basketball?

Basketball is a popular sport enjoyed by many people around the world. It’s an exciting game that requires agility, speed and skill on the court. But have you ever heard of ‘boonks’ in basketball? If not, you may be wondering what they are and how they fit into the game.

What Are Boonks?

Boonks are a type of trick shot made while playing basketball. The name comes from combining two words – “boom” (the sound made when someone dunks or slams the ball) and “oink” (the sound made by a pig). A boonk is basically any shot taken with style or flair, such as behind-the-back shots, no-look shots or other creative attempts at scoring baskets.

Why Do People Play Boonks?

People play boonks for a few different reasons; it can be fun to show off your skills on the court, make difficult shots look easy or just to impress your friends. Some players use boonking as part of their regular training routine to practice their shooting accuracy and develop unique ways of getting around opponents during games. Ultimately though, most people do it simply because it looks awesome!


In conclusion, boonking is a type of trick shot that combines creativity with athleticism which makes them both impressive and entertaining to watch on the court! Whether used as part of training drills or just for fun between friends – boonking adds an extra dimension to basketball that can help take your game up another level!