Top Picks for Bowling Equipment for Beginners

Top Picks for Bowling Equipment for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking to start your bowling journey? Choosing the right equipment is crucial for a successful game. In this article, we will be discussing the top picks for bowling equipment specifically designed for beginners. From bowling balls to shoes and bags, we’ve got you covered with the best options to help improve your game and enhance your overall bowling experience.

Bowling Balls

When it comes to bowling, choosing the right ball is essential for success on the lanes. There are various types of bowling balls to choose from, each designed for different styles of play and skill levels. It’s important for beginners to understand the different options available to them and make an informed decision when selecting their first bowling ball.

Types of Bowling Balls

  1. Plastic Coverstock: These are typically entry-level bowling balls that offer a straight and predictable roll. They are great for beginners who are still learning the basics of bowling.

  2. Urethane Coverstock: Urethane bowling balls offer more hook potential than plastic balls, making them a good choice for beginners looking to improve their hooking technique.

  3. Reactive Resin Coverstock: These advanced bowling balls provide the most hook potential and are ideal for bowlers who want to achieve maximum performance on the lanes.

Weight and Size Recommendations

When selecting a bowling ball, beginners should consider the weight and size that best suits their strength and comfort level. It’s recommended for beginners to start with a ball that is neither too heavy nor too light, typically ranging from 10 to 14 pounds.

Best Bowling Balls for Beginners

  1. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball: This entry-level ball offers a predictable and controllable hook, making it a great choice for beginners looking to improve their game.

  2. Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball: With its vibrant colors and smooth roll, this ball is perfect for beginners who want to make a statement on the lanes while still maintaining control.

  3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball: This durable and versatile ball is perfect for beginners looking to develop their skills and improve their overall performance.

By choosing the right bowling ball based on their skill level and personal preferences, beginners can enhance their bowling experience and improve their game on the lanes.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are an essential piece of equipment for any beginner looking to improve their game on the lanes. Not only do they provide the necessary support and stability while bowling, but they also offer specific features that can help enhance your performance.

Importance of Proper Bowling Shoes

Proper bowling shoes are crucial because they are specifically designed to help you slide and brake effectively while bowling. Unlike regular shoes, bowling shoes have a smooth sole on one foot for sliding and a rubber sole on the other foot for braking. This specialized design is essential for achieving proper form and technique in your bowling approach.

Features to Look for in Bowling Shoes

When choosing bowling shoes for beginners, it’s important to look for features that will help you feel comfortable and confident on the lanes. Some key features to consider include:

  • Adjustable fit for a customized feel
  • Breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Non-marking soles to protect the bowling alley floor
  • Supportive cushioning for comfort during long games
  • Slide sole for smooth sliding motion
  • Brake sole for precise braking action

Top Picks for Bowling Shoes for Beginners

  1. Dexter Men’s Turbo II Bowling Shoes: These shoes are known for their durability and comfort, making them a great choice for beginners looking for quality footwear.

  2. Brunswick Women’s Aura Bowling Shoes: With a stylish design and supportive features, these shoes are perfect for female bowlers looking to improve their game.

  3. KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes: These shoes offer excellent traction and stability, making them a reliable choice for beginners seeking balance and control on the lanes.

Investing in a pair of quality bowling shoes is a smart decision for any beginner looking to up their game. By choosing the right pair with the features that suit your needs, you can enhance your performance and enjoy a more comfortable bowling experience.

Bowling Bags

When it comes to bowling equipment, one of the most essential items for beginners is a good quality bowling bag. Bowling bags are not only used to transport your bowling ball and other gear to and from the lanes, but they also provide protection and organization for your equipment.

Benefits of a Good Bowling Bag

  • Protection: A good bowling bag will have padded compartments to protect your bowling ball and other gear from damage during transport.
  • Organization: Bowling bags typically have multiple compartments and pockets to keep your equipment organized and easily accessible.
  • Convenience: Having a designated bag for your bowling equipment makes it easy to grab and go to the lanes without having to worry about forgetting anything.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Bowling Bag

  • Size: Make sure the bag is large enough to comfortably fit your bowling ball, shoes, and any other accessories you may need.
  • Material: Look for a durable material that will withstand regular use and protect your equipment.
  • Style: Choose a style that suits your personal preferences and makes it easy for you to carry your gear.

Recommended Bowling Bags for Beginners

  1. Pyramid Path Double Tote Plus Clear Top Bowling Bag: This bag has a transparent top for easy ball identification and can hold two bowling balls plus shoes and accessories.
  2. Brunswick TZone Single Tote Bowling Bag: A simple and affordable option for beginners, this bag can hold one bowling ball and has a comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  3. KR Strikeforce Cruiser Smooth Double Roller Bowling Bag: For those looking for a more advanced option, this bag features smooth rolling wheels and can hold two bowling balls plus shoes and accessories.

    Bowling Accessories

Bowling is a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are just starting out or have been bowling for years, having the right accessories can make a big difference in your game. Here are some essential accessories for beginners, as well as some useful tools and aids to help improve your skills on the lanes.

Essential Accessories for Beginners

  1. Bowling Shoes: One of the most important accessories for any bowler is a good pair of bowling shoes. These shoes are specially designed to provide traction on the slippery bowling lanes, making it easier to approach and release the ball with precision.

  2. Bowling Bag: A bowling bag is essential for carrying your bowling ball and other accessories to and from the bowling alley. Look for a bag with padded compartments to protect your equipment and make it easier to transport.

  3. Bowling Towel: Keeping your bowling ball clean and dry is important for maintaining its performance. A bowling towel is a handy accessory to have on hand to wipe down your ball between throws.

Useful Tools and Aids

  1. Bowling Glove: A bowling glove can help improve your grip and control while bowling. Look for a glove with wrist support to help prevent injuries and improve your accuracy.

  2. Wrist Brace: If you struggle with wrist pain or have trouble keeping your wrist in the correct position while bowling, a wrist brace can provide extra support and stability.

  3. Bowling Tape: Bowling tape can be used to adjust the fit of your bowling ball to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. It can also help reduce friction between your fingers and the ball, allowing for a smoother release.

Top Accessories to Enhance Your Game

  1. Bowling Ball Cleaner: Keeping your bowling ball clean and free of debris is essential for maintaining its performance. A good quality bowling ball cleaner can help remove oil and dirt buildup, allowing your ball to hook more effectively.

  2. Bowling Ball Polish: A bowling ball polish can help restore the shine and finish of your ball, improving its overall performance on the lanes. Regularly polishing your ball can help maintain its hook potential and accuracy.

  3. Bowling Ball Weight Inserts: Adding weight inserts to your bowling ball can help customize its weight distribution to better suit your throwing style. This can help improve your control and accuracy, leading to higher scores on the scoreboard.

Investing in the right bowling accessories can help enhance your game and make your bowling experience more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right tools and aids can help you improve your skills and achieve your best performance on the lanes.


In conclusion, choosing the right bowling equipment for beginners is essential in order to enhance their overall bowling experience. By investing in high-quality bowling balls, shoes, and accessories, beginners can improve their game and feel more comfortable on the lanes. It is important to consider factors such as weight, fit, and material when selecting equipment, and to always prioritize safety and comfort. With the right gear, beginners can enjoy bowling to the fullest and work towards becoming more skilled and confident bowlers. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your equipment, these top picks are sure to help you on your bowling journey.