The Skateboarding Industry: Brands, Companies, and Influencers

The Skateboarding Industry: Brands, Companies, and Influencers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the skateboarding industry! In this article, we will delve into the world of skateboarding and explore the various brands, companies, and influencers that shape this vibrant and dynamic industry. Whether you’re an avid skateboarder or simply interested in learning more about the scene, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we uncover the latest trends, highlight notable brands, and introduce you to the influential individuals who have made a significant impact on the skateboarding community. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of skateboarding and discover the key players that drive this thrilling sport forward.

Overview of the Skateboarding Industry

History of skateboarding

Skateboarding has a rich history that dates back to the 1940s and 1950s when it first emerged as a recreational activity. Initially, it was known as "sidewalk surfing" as skateboarders would ride on wooden boards with roller skate wheels attached to them. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that skateboarding gained significant popularity and started to develop into an industry.

Current state of the skateboarding industry

Today, the skateboarding industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, encompassing various brands, companies, and influencers. Skateboarding is no longer just a hobby; it has become a global phenomenon with a dedicated community of enthusiasts, professional skateboarders, and a thriving market for skateboard-related products.

Numerous brands dominate the skateboarding industry, offering a wide range of products such as skateboards, clothing, footwear, and accessories. These brands often sponsor professional skateboarders and organize events, competitions, and tours to promote their products and engage with the skateboarding community.

In recent years, the skateboarding industry has witnessed a surge in popularity, fueled by the increasing interest in action sports and the advent of social media platforms. Skateboarding videos and content have gained massive traction online, allowing skateboarders and brands to reach a broader audience and connect with fans worldwide.

Growth and trends in the skateboarding industry

The skateboarding industry has experienced significant growth over the years, with more people getting involved in the sport and an increasing demand for skateboarding products. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the inclusion of skateboarding in major sporting events like the Olympics, which has elevated its status as a mainstream sport.

Furthermore, the industry has witnessed a rise in skateboarding influencers who have a considerable impact on shaping trends and driving consumer behavior. These influencers, often professional skateboarders or content creators, have a significant following on social media platforms and are sought after by brands for collaborations and endorsements.

In terms of trends, there has been a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the skateboarding industry. Many brands are now focusing on using recycled materials, reducing their carbon footprint, and promoting ethical manufacturing processes to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Additionally, the skateboarding industry has seen an increase in diversity and inclusivity, with efforts to promote gender equality and provide opportunities for underrepresented groups. This has led to the emergence of more diverse skateboarding communities, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance within the sport.

Overall, the skateboarding industry continues to thrive and evolve, driven by the passion and dedication of its participants, the influence of social media, and the growing interest in action sports. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and constant innovation, skateboarding remains a dynamic and influential industry within the realm of sports and youth culture.

Prominent Skateboarding Brands

Nike SB

Nike SB is a well-known and influential brand in the skateboarding industry. With its roots in the world of sports, Nike SB has successfully established itself as a leading skateboarding brand. It offers a wide range of products specifically designed for skateboarders, including shoes, apparel, and accessories. Nike SB is known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and excellent performance. Many professional skateboarders endorse and collaborate with Nike SB, making it a go-to brand for skateboarders of all levels.


Vans is another prominent brand that has made its mark in the skateboarding industry. With a rich history dating back to the 1960s, Vans has always been associated with the skateboarding subculture. The brand offers a diverse range of skateboarding products such as shoes, apparel, and accessories. Vans is known for its iconic skate shoes, which are highly regarded for their durability and skate-specific features. The brand has consistently supported and sponsored skateboarders, events, and competitions, further cementing its position as a key player in the skateboarding community.

Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding is a brand that combines the renowned Adidas heritage with the unique needs of skateboarders. With a focus on style and performance, Adidas Skateboarding offers a range of skateboarding footwear, apparel, and accessories. The brand collaborates with professional skateboarders to create products that meet the demands of the sport. Adidas Skateboarding is recognized for its commitment to innovation, incorporating advanced technologies and materials into their products. The brand’s presence in the skateboarding industry continues to grow, attracting skateboarders who appreciate both style and functionality.

These prominent skateboarding brands, Nike SB, Vans, and Adidas Skateboarding, have played a significant role in shaping the industry. With their dedication to creating high-quality products and supporting skateboarders, they have become trusted names among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Leading Skateboarding Companies

Element Skateboards

Element Skateboards is a prominent brand in the skateboarding industry. Founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, this company has established itself as a leader in the market. With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, Element Skateboards has gained a loyal following among skateboarders worldwide.

The company offers a wide range of skateboarding products, including decks, wheels, apparel, and accessories. Their skateboards are known for their durability and performance, making them a popular choice among both amateur and professional skateboarders.

Element Skateboards also collaborates with influential skateboarders and artists to create unique and innovative designs. This collaboration enhances the brand’s appeal and keeps it at the forefront of skateboarding culture.

Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards is another renowned company in the skateboarding industry. Established in 1991 by professional skateboarders Mike Ternasky and Danny Way, Plan B quickly gained recognition for its high-quality skateboards and team of talented riders.

Plan B Skateboards offers a diverse range of products, including decks, trucks, bearings, and apparel. Their skateboards are known for their excellent craftsmanship and performance, making them a favorite among skateboarders of all skill levels.

The company has a strong team of professional skateboarders who promote the brand through their impressive skills and achievements. This team includes influential names like Ryan Sheckler, Chris Joslin, and Felipe Gustavo, who contribute to Plan B’s success and popularity.

Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards is a well-established brand that has been shaping the skateboarding industry since its inception in 1996. Founded by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas, Zero Skateboards has gained a reputation for its edgy and rebellious image.

The company offers a wide variety of skateboarding products, including decks, wheels, grip tape, and clothing. Zero Skateboards’ products are known for their durability and distinctive designs, attracting skateboarders who appreciate a bold and unique style.

Zero Skateboards also sponsors a team of talented skateboarders who showcase their skills through various competitions and video releases. This team includes renowned skateboarders such as Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, and Dane Burman, contributing to Zero Skateboards’ influence and success within the skateboarding community.

In conclusion, Element Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, and Zero Skateboards are three leading companies in the skateboarding industry. Each brand brings its own unique style, product range, and team of influential skateboarders, making them key players in shaping the skateboarding culture.

Influencers in the Skateboarding Industry

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the skateboarding industry. Born on May 12, 1968, in California, Hawk turned professional at the age of 14 and quickly rose to fame for his incredible skills and innovative tricks. Throughout his career, he has won numerous competitions and set several world records.

Hawk’s influence extends beyond his impressive skateboarding abilities. He has played a crucial role in popularizing the sport and bringing it into the mainstream. Through his video game series, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, he introduced skateboarding to a whole new generation of enthusiasts. His charisma, talent, and dedication have made him a true icon in the skateboarding world.

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston is another prominent influencer in the skateboarding industry. Born on November 30, 1994, in California, Huston began skating at a young age and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional skills. He turned professional at the age of 11 and has since become one of the most successful skateboarders in the world.

Huston’s ability to consistently land difficult tricks and his competitive mindset have earned him numerous victories in major competitions. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard has inspired countless skateboarders around the globe. With his impressive social media presence and ongoing success, Huston continues to be a driving force in the skateboarding industry.

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni is a highly influential female skateboarder who has made significant contributions to the skateboarding industry. Born on April 13, 1993, in Brazil, Bufoni began skating at the age of nine and quickly made a name for herself with her powerful style and technical proficiency.

Bufoni’s success in both street and park skateboarding has earned her numerous accolades and recognition. Her determination to break barriers and overcome gender stereotypes in the male-dominated industry has made her a role model for aspiring female skateboarders. Bufoni’s influence extends beyond her skills on the skateboard, as she actively promotes inclusivity and female empowerment within the skateboarding community.

These influencers, including Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, and Leticia Bufoni, have played a pivotal role in shaping the skateboarding industry. Their skills, achievements, and dedication have not only elevated the sport but have also inspired a new generation of skateboarders worldwide.

The skateboarding industry is a vibrant and multi-faceted world filled with a diverse range of brands, companies, and influencers. From well-established skateboarding giants to up-and-coming independent labels, there is a brand for every style and preference. Companies continue to innovate and push the boundaries, introducing new technology and designs that enhance the skateboarding experience. Influencers play a crucial role in promoting the sport and inspiring a new generation of skateboarders. As the industry continues to evolve and grow, it is clear that skateboarding has cemented its place as a global phenomenon. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, the skateboarding industry offers endless opportunities for creativity, expression, and community. So grab your board, hit the streets, and become a part of this exciting and ever-evolving industry.