The Ultimate Guide To Volleyball: Is It A Contact Sport?

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Volleyball: Is It a Contact Sport?

Have you ever wondered if volleyball is a contact sport? Volleyball can be played competitively, socially, and recreationally. The answer to whether or not it is considered a contact sport depends on the context in which it’s being played.

Competitive Volleyball as a Contact Sport

When volleyball is played at the professional or collegiate level, it exists within what is classified as a “controlled-contact” sport. This means that while there may be brief moments of physical interaction between players, this interaction should adhere to certain rules and regulations set out by officials overseeing the game. For example, when going for the ball players must do their best to avoid making any sort of physical contact with their opponents outside of jumping and arm-brushing movements along with proper footwork technique.

Social/Recreational Volleyball as Non-Contact

In comparison to its competitive counterpart, social or recreational volleyball may not always abide by these same rules due to lack of oversight from referees or umpires monitoring play. This could lead some people who are playing for fun without much thought about safety considerations to engage in more aggressive forms of body contact than would usually be allowed during an official match setting.


Ultimately, whether we consider volleyball as a contact sport comes down largely on how intentional each player’s actions on court are in terms of avoiding physical collisions with other players while competing for the ball at hand. At its highest levels competitively speaking, it has been deemed safe enough under controlled conditions with strict guidelines enforced by officials; however this does not necessarily mean that all forms of play should follow these same parameters without supervision present.