Two-Handed Bowling: Is It Legal and How Can You Master It?

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What Is Two-Handed Bowling?

Two-handed bowling is a style of bowling that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves using two hands to throw the ball, rather than the traditional one-hand technique. This style of bowling allows for greater power, control and accuracy. It can also be easier to maintain balance when throwing the ball with two hands compared to just one hand. As a result, two-handed bowling has become more commonplace at both professional and amateur levels.

Is Two Handed Bowling Legal?

The short answer is yes – two handed bowling is legal in most forms of competitive play around the world. Professional tournaments such as PBA have allowed players to use this technique since 2003, while other organizations including USBC have adopted similar policies in recent years as well. That said, there are some restrictions that may apply depending on what type of tournament you’re taking part in or if playing casually among friends or family members who don’t know how to bowl with two hands yet! For example, some tournaments may prohibit participants from using “double grabs” which involve gripping the middle finger and thumb together on each hand while releasing the ball down the lane – this move could give an unfair advantage over those who only use one hand when they bowl!


In conclusion, it’s clear that two handed bowling is perfectly legal provided certain rules and regulations are followed within any given tournament or match setting. Players looking for greater power, accuracy and control should certainly consider trying out this unique style for themselves!