Is There An Age Limit For College Football? The Facts You Need To Know

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College football is a sport that has captivated the attention of many fans around the world. It is also an incredibly competitive and demanding game, with players needing to be at their physical best in order to compete. With this in mind, one might wonder if there is an age limit for college football players. In short – yes, there are NCAA guidelines that stipulate how old a college athlete must be before they can participate in the sport.

Age Limit Requirements

The NCAA states that any student competing in men’s or women’s Division I or II sports must have reached their 19th birthday during the calendar year of competition and may not turn 22 prior to August 31st of that same year. This means that any player who will turn 22 within 12 months from when their season begins will not be eligible to play that season. The rationale behind this rule stems from wanting to give younger athletes a fair chance at success without having them compete against people who may have more experience due to age difference.

Exceptions To The Rule

There are some exceptions for certain circumstances such as international students who may enter college later than traditional American high school graduates or those serving military duty after graduation but still wish to participate in athletics while attending college classes part-time or full-time. Even then though, these exemptions will only apply if they meet all other eligibility requirements set forth by the NCAA which include passing academic qualifications and proving amateur status among others factors as well.


At its core, it is important for all members participating on collegiate teams whether it’s football, basketball or another sport abide by NCAA regulations regarding age limits so everyone receives an equal opportunity for success amongst their peers and classmates alike regardless of experience level based on age differences between competitors .