Is Tennis Bad For Your Knees? Here’s What You Need To Know

Person in Black Shirt Holding Tennis Racket



Tennis is a great way to stay active and get fit. But with all the running, stopping and starting, it can take its toll on your body – especially your knees. As someone who loves playing tennis, you may be wondering if the sport is really bad for your knees. Let’s look at what the research says about this popular question: is tennis bad for your knees?

What Does The Research Say?

The good news is that there isn’t much evidence that suggests that playing tennis regularly will have any serious long-term detrimental effects on knee health. In fact, some studies suggest that regular play could even help maintain healthy joints over time as it helps strengthen the muscles around them. However, if you do suffer from an existing knee injury or condition such as arthritis then more care should be taken when participating in any sporting activity to prevent further damage being done.

Tips For Avoiding Injury

When playing tennis it’s important to warm up properly before beginning any game or practice session. This helps prepare both your body and mind for physical activity by increasing blood flow and loosening stiff joints which can help reduce the risk of injury during playtime. Additionally, make sure you wear appropriate footwear with adequate support as this will provide cushioning for your feet and legs which can also lessen strain placed upon those delicate knee ligaments too!

Finally, always pay attention to how you are feeling during a match or lesson – if something doesn’t feel quite right then don’t ignore it; instead listen to what your body is telling you so that potential problems can be addressed early before they become more serious issues down the line.


In conclusion, while there isn’t solid scientific evidence suggesting that frequent participation in tennis activities poses a significant threat of damaging one’s joints over time; taking particular care when engaging in physical exercise – particularly when already suffering from an existing medical condition – should still remain paramount in order to avoid exacerbating any underlying conditions whilst continuing enjoyment of our beloved sport!