The Rich Person Sport: Is Tennis Just For The Elite?

person wearing pair of white low-top sneakers while holding Wilson tennis racket

Is Tennis a Rich Person Sport?

Tennis has been around for centuries and is widely popular among the wealthy. The sport is often thought of as an elite, expensive hobby that only those with money can afford. But is this really true? Is tennis truly a rich person’s game?

The Cost of Playing Tennis

When it comes to playing tennis, there are some definite costs associated with the sport. You need to invest in equipment such as racquets, balls and shoes – all of which can be quite pricey. Additionally, you’ll have to pay court fees if you want to play at a public facility or join a club – both are usually more expensive than playing on your own court.

However, there are ways around these expenses if you’re willing to get creative and resourceful when it comes to finding cheaper alternatives for equipment and courts. For instance, many cities will offer free or discounted access to public courts so long as they aren’t overbooked; additionally, numerous organizations exist that lend out used gear for free or reduced prices – making tennis more accessible even without deep pockets!

Competitive Tennis: Not Just For The Wealthy

While the cost of playing casually may be relatively low compared to other sports like golf or sailing , joining competitive leagues requires significantly more investment . Training sessions with coaches , travel costs associated with tournaments , uniforms , etc . all add up quickly . These prices often make competitive tennis prohibitively expensive for most people , however there are still ways one can get involved without breaking their bank account entirely .

For starters , many programs have scholarships available specifically designed for players looking to compete at higher levels regardless o f financial status ; additionally , some clubs may waive certain fees such as court rental provided one agrees t o volunteer their time or help promote events organized by the organization in question . This allows individuals from all walks of life gain access into competitive circuits normally reserved exclusively f o r privileged few !


Ultimately while it’s true that playing sporting activities like tennis come hand-in-hand with certain expenses not everyone needs deep pockets in order partake either casually or competitively . With enough resourcefulness and dedication anyone can find themselves participating in this timeless game no matter what their income level might be !