Is Soccer Haram? Uncovering The Truth Behind This Controversial Topic

Three Women Playing Soccer Game



Soccer is a widely-played sport around the world, but in some cultures and religions it can be seen as controversial. The Islamic faith has specific rules about how people should live their lives, and this includes restrictions on what activities they can take part in. One of these restrictions is whether soccer is haram or not – so let’s explore this question further.

What Does Haram Mean?

In Arabic, the word “haram” means forbidden or prohibited by Islamic law. Anything that falls into this category must not be done by Muslims – otherwise it would go against their religious beliefs and practices. This could include activities such as gambling, alcohol consumption, eating pork, lying and stealing among other things.

Is Soccer Haram According to Islam?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask for an opinion on the matter; some believe that playing soccer (or football) is not haram if performed in accordance with Islamic teachings such as avoiding any kind of betting or gambling associated with the game while others argue that it is still considered to be a form of entertainment which goes against certain aspects of their faith like modesty and self-restraint. Ultimately though, there isn’t one definitive answer since opinions vary depending on individual interpretation of religious texts and personal experiences with different sports activities themselves.


Whether playing soccer is haram or not ultimately comes down to individual interpretations of religious texts within Muslim culture – something which may differ from person to person due to varying experiences with different sports activities themselves alongside opinions regarding what constitutes permissible entertainment according to Islam itself. Ultimately though, only those who are knowledgeable about both religion and sport will have an informed opinion either way when debating over whether participating in soccer counts as a sin according to Islamic teaching or not!