Is Cricket A Common Sport In India? The Facts & Figures

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Cricket as a National Game in India

Cricket is a country of diverse cultures, languages, and religions. However, one thing unites the people of this vast nation – their love for cricket! A sport that has transcended all boundaries across the length and breadth of India. Cricket is not just a game but an emotion that binds together Indians from all walks of life.

From urban cities to rural villages, cricket is played everywhere in India enthusiastically and passionately. Every city has its own local teams playing regional tournaments or corporate tournaments for bragging rights within the city itself. With every Indian team member having immense pride in donning the blue jersey whenever they play an international match against any other country, it’s no wonder why cricket remains such a beloved game among Indians everywhere!

The Popularity Of Cricket In India

The popularity of cricket in India can be attributed to many reasons: most importantly its rich history since pre-independence days when British colonizers first introduced it; secondly, its status as a “gentleman’s game”; thirdly, due to successful marketing campaigns conducted by various media outlets like television channels which have made it even more popular than ever before.

Moreover, with highly acclaimed cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar who have achieved remarkable success over his career have helped boost interest levels among fans around the world regarding Indian cricketing talent. The recent annual IPL tournament also serves as an example of how widespread this sport has become!


In conclusion, it is safe to say that cricket truly has become part of Indian culture and identity over time. From young kids playing gully (street) matches on their way back home from school to millions tuning into watch IPL matches each year – there’s no denying that Indians are crazy about this sport!