Is A Lacrosse Ball Hard? Here’s What You Need To Know About Its Durability

What is a Lacrosse Ball?

A lacrosse ball is an essential piece of equipment for the sport of lacrosse. It resembles a small, hard rubber or plastic sphere that measures up to seven inches in circumference and weighs between five and six ounces. The primary purpose of the ball is to be passed from player to player with a stick during play. As such, it needs to be hard enough so that it doesn’t break when caught or thrown but soft enough so that it’s comfortable for players to handle without causing harm.

How Hard Is A Lacrosse Ball?

The hardness of a lacrosse ball will depend on its material construction. Generally speaking. However, most balls are fairly hard and can range anywhere from 60-70 durometer (the higher the number, the harder). This means they’re not quite as dense as golf balls but still have some level of firmness when touched or gripped by hand. That said, manufacturers also offer softer varieties which may be more suitable for beginners who want something less intimidating while playing their first games.


In conclusion, lacrosse balls come in various levels of hardness depending on their material makeup and intended use. While most standard models tend to measure somewhere around 60-70 durometer hardness—which can feel quite firm—manufacturers do provide softer versions for those just starting out with the game who might find them easier to handle without risking injury in any way.