The Surprising Truth About How Wide Are NASCAR Tires

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A Look at the Width of NASCAR Tires

When you think of a NASCAR race car, one of the first things that might come to mind are those large tires. But how wide are these tires exactly? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the width of NASCAR tires and explore why they need to be so wide in order for the car to perform best on track.

The Standard Tire Width

NASCAR cars use 15-inch diameter racing wheels, with variations allowed depending on the series and manufacturer. The standard tire width is 14 inches but can range between 13 and 15 inches depending on team preferences. All tire manufacturers must comply with certain requirements set by NASCAR in order to ensure safety standards are met when racing. This includes having specific minimum sidewall heights as well as minimum tread depth requirements that each tire must meet before being used in competition.

Why Do They Need To Be So Wide?

Tires play an important role in how cars handle on track, especially when it comes to cornering ability and grip levels. Having wider tires helps increase traction which allows for faster cornering speeds without sacrificing stability or control over the vehicle’s movement around corners or tight turns. Additionally, wider tires also help dissipate heat from braking more efficiently than narrower ones because there is more surface area making contact with the ground leading to better brake cooling during long races where temperatures can reach extreme levels quickly due to intense friction from brakes being applied consistently throughout laps or stages of a race event.


NASCAR teams rely heavily on their selection of tires for competitive races since they play an integral part in performance out on track.. As seen above, larger wheels along with wider tire sizes help create superior traction while providing better temperature regulation through consistent contact points with surfaces during demanding conditions like those found during high speed events such as those held by NASCAR Series across America each year .