How To Train Your Left Foot For Soccer: Tips & Tricks From The Pros

three white-and-black soccer balls on field


Having a strong soccer game involves having the technical ability to use both feet equally. If your left foot isn’t as strong as your right, it can be difficult to keep up with the pace of play and make accurate passes and shots. To really become an effective player, you need to practice using both feet, so here are some ways to train your left foot for soccer – because no one wants to be limited by their less-skilled appendage!

Practice With A Wall

The first way you can work on improving your left foot is by practicing against a wall. Find a flat surface that’s free from any obstacles and begin dribbling the ball with your left foot. Start off slowly and gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable controlling the ball. Once you’ve gotten good at basic dribbling, try doing something more challenging like kicking for power or accuracy. This will help build strength in your leg muscles which will come in handy later on during games when trying to make quick reactions or long passes/shots.

Engage In Cross Training Exercises

Cross training exercises are another great way to improve how well you use both feet while playing soccer. You can do drills such as toe taps or single-leg jumps that require you to switch between legs quickly without losing balance or control of the ball. These exercises not only help develop coordination but they also strengthen all of the muscles used during gameplay including those in your calves, thighs and glutes which are essential for making powerful shots on goal!

Play Games That Focus On Touch And Control

Finally, there’s nothing quite like playing actual games if you want to get better at using both feet while playing soccer. Try finding someone who has roughly similar skill levels so that neither person dominates over one another – this way everyone gets practice handling different types of balls (low crosses vs high lobs) and executing various skills (passing & trapping). Even though it may seem simple enough at first glance these sorts of activities actually require lots of concentration since each movement must be precise!


Training our weaker side is important if we want success in Soccer regardless whether its shooting with our weak side or passing; thus we should focus not just on physical exercises but also mental ones such as focusing on technique rather than brute force when training our weaker side . Doing this will ensure that we have developed an equal level of proficiency with either foot allowing us reach greater heights when competing against opponents