The Ultimate Guide On How To Throw a Rugby Ball Like A Pro

men playing football


Throwing a rugby ball inaccurately can not only cost your team the game, but it can also be embarrassing too. That’s why having the right technique is essential when it comes to throwing a rugby ball accurately and powerfully. In this blog post, we’ll go through all the steps you need to take in order to make sure your throw is as precise and powerful as possible.

The Grip

One of the most important steps when throwing a rugby ball is getting your grip just right. You should start by putting two fingers on either side of one end of the ball, making sure that these two fingers are touching each other – this will help with accuracy later on. Then place your thumb underneath them, gripping the end of the ball firmly between them all. This should give you an L-shaped grip which ensures you have full control over where it goes once thrown – remember though that if you hold onto it too tightly then you won’t get as much power behind it either!

Raising Your Arm

Once you’ve got your grip sorted out correctly, raise your arm up above shoulder height (or higher if possible), making sure that both elbows are tucked close into your body for balance and stability during the throw itself. If done properly then this position should feel comfortable and natural; any strain or discomfort here could lead to an inaccurate throw at best or injury at worst!

Moving Into Position

Now move yourself into position facing where ever you want to send off the rugby ball – whether that’s towards another player or even downfield towards goal posts etc., use small steps in order to ensure accuracy throughout. Once there, keeping one foot slightly forward will allow for better balance during delivery; try not lean back because doing so can reduce power and accuracy significantly too!

Releasing The Rugby Ball

Now comes the time for release: do so by straightening both arms before pushing forwards from shoulder level – don’t forget about how important those two fingers were earlier now as they should still be gripping onto one side of the rugby balls whilst releasing with force from fingertips/thumb area instead! As soon as contact has been made with the air let go completely allowing gravity and momentum alone to do the rest work required (hopefully resulting in the successful catch!).


In conclusion, throwing a perfect pass during a game of Rugby includes many components, such as starting off with correct finger positioning throughout the entire process up until the final release point allowing maximum aerial distance/height achieved overall no matter who the intended target may be at a given time – practice makes perfect though so don’t fret if first few throws aren’t quite what expected initially eventually become second nature after enough repetition same techniques outlined here today!