The Ultimate Guide To Storing Tennis Rackets: Keep Your Gear In Tip Top Shape!

green tennis balls on tennis court



Tennis rackets are an essential piece of equipment for any tennis player, but they need to be stored correctly in order to maintain their condition and ensure maximum performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how you can store your racket properly so that it stays in top condition and is ready when it’s time for the next match.

Racket Storage Tips

The first thing you should do is make sure the string tension on your racket is at the correct level. If it’s too loose or too tight, then your racket won’t play as well as it should and could even cause damage to the frame over time. Once your string tension has been adjusted, choose a sturdy case that will protect your racket from knocks while in storage. It’s also important to keep all other components such as grips and dampeners with the racket so they don’t get lost or damaged during storage.

When storing multiple rackets together, use individual protective cases or bags rather than putting them all together into one larger bag – this will reduce wear on each individual racquet over time due to friction between them when moving around inside a single bag. If possible, hang up unused rackets rather than just leaving them lying flat – this helps prevent warping of the frame which can affect performance if left unchecked for too long.

Cleaning Your Racket Before Storage

Before storing away your racket for extended periods of time, make sure to give it a good clean with warm water (no detergent) and let it dry completely before returning into its case or hanging up somewhere safe out of direct sunlight where no moisture can accumulate inside its protective coverings which may lead to rusting of metal parts found within some frames . This cleaning process should be done every few weeks even if you’re actively using the racquet regularly – not only does this help keep dirt off surfaces but also prevents bacteria buildup which can lead to bad odours within closed covers/bags over prolonged periods without cleaning/maintenance!


Storing tennis rackets correctly is an important part of maintaining their condition and ensuring optimal performance when playing matches again later down the line. To ensure that happens always make sure strings are correctly tensioned before placing into storage; choose appropriate protection-cases/bags; hang up unused racks where possible; clean every few weeks regardless if used or not; avoid direct contact with moisture sources like water pools & humid environments! Doing these simple steps will help prolong life expectancy while keeping them looking brand new whenever taken out again later on!