How To Soften Lacrosse Mesh: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Introducing Softening Lacrosse Mesh

When it comes to lacrosse, having a quality stick is essential. The mesh of the pocket plays a large role in how well you can control and pass the ball. With that said, if your mesh isn’t properly cared for, it can become hard and brittle over time. This leads to decreased performance and difficulty controlling the ball. To help you keep your lacrosse stick in top form, we’re here to help you learn how to soften lacrosse mesh so that you always play at your maximum potential.

Why You Should Soften Your Lacrosse Mesh

The main reason why you should soften your lacrosse mesh is because it will improve both its flexibility and longevity. Softened meshes are more malleable which makes them easier to shape into an optimal pocket as well as handle with ease while playing or practicing. Additionally, they are less prone to wear-and-tear due to their elasticity which helps them last longer than harder ones do without needing frequent replacement or repairs.

How To Soften Lacrosse Mesh

Softening lacrosse mesh requires some simple steps that anyone can follow:

1) Start by getting a small container of hot water (but not boiling). Dip the entire head of the stick in for about 30 seconds until it is fully saturated with water but no air bubbles remain trapped inside;

2) Remove from water and then place on a flat surface;

3) Use either two hands or one hand holding an object (like a screwdriver) against the head of the stick and press down firmly all around until desired shape has been achieved;

4) Let dry completely before using again;

5) Repeat step 3 & 4 several times if necessary until desired softness has been obtained;

6) Once soft enough, apply wax conditioner onto strings/mesh regularly for best results – this will provide added protection against wear-and-tear as well as make sure that moisture doesn’t cause any brittleness over time!


Keeping your stick’s pocket fresh allows for better control when passing or shooting – something every player strives for! By following these steps on how to soften lacrosse mesh properly, you’ll be sure that your sticks stay flexible yet strong so they perform at their best each game day!