The Ultimate Guide To Sending Football Film To Colleges: Get Noticed & Recruited!

green football field under blue sky during daytime


Sending football film to colleges is an important step for athletes who want to get recruited. It’s the chance for you to showcase your skills, show off what sets you apart from other players and make a lasting impression with coaches. But how do you go about sending your film? Read on to find out!

What Information To Include In Your Email or Letter

Before sending any of your football footage, it’s important that you include all the relevant information in either an email or letter along with the video. This includes basic contact details such as name, address and phone number; academic achievements; player stats (height, weight etc); career highlights so far; current team/club and position; awards won if any; coach references; school transcripts if requested by college recruiter. It’s also a good idea to provide links from other social media platforms where they can watch additional footage of yourself playing which will give them further insight into your abilities.

How To Send The Film & What Format To Use

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it’s time to decide on how best to send the film itself. Most college recruiters prefer digital formats such as DVD/CD discs or online streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo due their convenience and easy accessibility when viewing videos over multiple devices. If sending via post then most colleges accept DVDs/CD discs but be sure to check first before mailing anything out as some may require different formats such as USB drives instead. Additionally, always send high-quality footage with clear audio otherwise this could affect their decision making process when reviewing potential recruits so ensure everything looks professional before sending it off!


Sending football film is essential in order for athletes wanting to be recruited by colleges throughout America so following our steps outlined above should help make this process easier and more successful! Ensure that all relevant contact details are included in either an email or letter alongside video files sent through various digital platforms such as YouTube/Vimeo along with high-quality recordings so coaches can better evaluate potential recruits based on their performance shown within these clips – Good luck!