How To Play Golf With A Sore Left Knee: Expert Tips & Advice

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For avid golfers, playing with a sore left knee can be frustrating and challenging. It’s important to make sure you take the necessary precautions so that your knee doesn’t become worse over time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to play golf with a sore left knee. We’ll look at some tips and strategies for making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable while still protecting your joint from further injury.

Tips for Playing Golf With a Sore Left Knee

The first step when it comes to playing golf with an injured or painful knee is to get yourself fitted correctly by a professional club fitter who understands how different elements of the game can affect your joints. A good fitting should include taking into account body size and weight, as well as any physical limitations due to injury or pain in order to ensure maximum comfort on the course.

In addition, it’s important to warm up properly before starting your round of golf—especially if you have an injured joint like a sore left knee! Doing light stretching exercises will help loosen up tight muscles around the area which will reduce stress on them during each swing. Additionally, using an anti-inflammatory cream such as ibuprofen gel can help reduce swelling associated with inflammation in the joint itself.

When teeing off or performing any kind of shot involving movement from one side of your body (such as going across from right hip-to-left shoulder), try not placing too much pressure on your affected side—this will reduce strain on that particular area significantly! If possible, switch up sides throughout rounds—switching between regular stance and open stance shots (where feet are farther apart). This will help alleviate some discomfort felt by keeping things evened out across both sides of your body instead of focusing all energy onto one side alone! Lastly, invest in shoes specifically designed for extra cushioning and stability; they may be slightly pricier but they provide great support while being gentle on sensitive areas such as knees/ankles etcetera – worth every penny if you plan on continuing regular games without worrying about injuries getting worse over time!


Playing golf with a sore left knee doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable – there are several ways that you can protect yourself while still enjoying the game fully! Getting fitted correctly by professionals is essential in ensuring proper protection against further damage – plus warming up beforehand helps loosen tight muscles around those areas which leads into less strain overall during swings/shots taken out onto green surfaces itself…as well investing quality shoes specifically built towards cushioning against impact forces exerted through repeated motions found within activity! Overall these tips should lead towards happy & healthy days out being spent at course – no matter what level skill individual may find themselves currently at (noobie beginner..or experienced pro!)